Reading to your kids is one of the most important things you can do for them. (Don’t take my word for it! See what the experts say.) But that’s not why I do it. Reading with my kids combine two of my favorite things—my boys and reading. (Not to mention the rarity of somewhat quiet in my house.)

It isn’t always a fairy tale. Some nights are a horror story of wiggling and yelling. Or the boys pick books that I just can’t read one more time. But I’ve found great books we love and tricks to get them to settle down. And because reading to your children is so important, I wanted to share these with you.

Reading Every Day is your guide to reading to the kids in your life and making it more fun, special, and even educational. I hope my posts will inspire you to read with your children every day.

Who’s Blogging?

Goodnight_ArkFor now, it is just me—Christine Fleming McIsaac! I’m a mom, wife, writer, and a marketer for educational publishers (the people who make the books and technology your kids use in school)  sharing my ideas, adventures in motherhood, and what I’ve learned from the educators, researchers, and other experts throughout my career (still ongoing). Now, as a Mom, I get to apply these things every day. What I know for sure—reading is one of the best things you can do for your children. And for more than six years, that’s what the boys and I have done every day in some way.

It helps that I love to read. And while I love adult novels, children’s books are the best! (I’ve read Harry Potter twice. And neither time was with my kids.) I love their whimsy and wonder and being transported to silly, magical, or just different places. And I love the reminder of childhood, which is why you’ll see oldies, but goodies featured alongside new books in this blog.

For my boys and I, reading together has become the peace at the end of our day and a cuddling, bonding time that very few other activities offer. And what it can do for children’s development is boundless. I’ve seen the results—the real research AND, more importantly, the practical everyday results.

So join me on the adventure of reading to your children every day.